Welcome to eOSDrums, an online and affordable solution to boring and uninspiring drum tracks.

I use the latest in modern virtual drum technology and Roland V Drums, to create and record live drum tracks for any of your projects.


Hi, I’m Pete Parsons, and as a musician and drummer, I have over 35 years of experience behind the kit, playing and recording many different styles and genres of live and electronic music.
Whether you’re a home producer/demo studio or a singer/songwriter, I’ll provide you with a killer, excellent sounding and above all,
live drum track created specifically for your project.
My service is all done online, through file transfers and online payments completed through Paypal.
Also we can speak and discuss the projects either through emails, messengers or face to face on Skype.
This really is what hiring a session musician in the 21st century should be all about!


So here’s how it all works:
- Send me a song or songs via the Upload page, recorded to a tempo and without a drum track preferably. Can be any audio format.
- We’ll discuss what kind of vibe you’re looking for, whether its busy, simple, what kind of kit sound etc.
- I’ll send you a link to a no obligation demo you can listen to and download.
- We’ll speak again, you let me know what you think, we’ll discuss it more, I'll do some edits or make some changes if needed.
- Only when your completely happy, you pay the automated PayPal invoice I’ll send you.
- Once I’ve received the payment, I’ll send you the hi res audio file, and send you any other data you need.
...and that’s it!!

Prices start from just £30.00 per track and are all negotiable depending on your requirements.

I can provide a quick turnaround on the project, and can usually provide a track for you within 48 hrs or less.

Mail me here for any further information
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